CIA reports about Eartha Kitt

out-1(original newspaper)


Eartha Kitt was a singer, dancer, and comedian.


Seymour Hersh. Journalist, multiple award winner, and one of the men who took down the Watergate scandal.

Seymour Hersh was an American investigative journalist that won many awards for the historical work he has done. Hersh is important because he brought out the true story in a lot of investigative controversies like this article on Eartha Kitt. Hersh also wrote over the killing of Bin Laden and took down Nixon in the Watergate scandal. Seymour Hersh wrote this article in my opinion because he shows off his good investigative skills. Hersh has always been known for his works with historical cases. Also, I know race was still a big issue so maybe he did this article to give an unbiased and fair report on the situation so Eartha did not get screwed over you would say.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 2—The asked by the Secret Service in 1968 about Eartha Kitt, proCentral Intelligence Agency, . About Eartha Kitt After White House Incident —- duced an extensive report containing second-hand gossip /about the entertainer but no evidence of any foreign intelligence connections, a copy of the report showed today. The report, supplied a week after Miss Kitt criticized the Vietnam war at a White House luncheon , during the Johnson Administration, shows that the C.I.A. had been collecting raw and unevaluated`data on her Itt least since 1956, eight years after she began appearing professionally in Europe and the United States. Kitt, C.I.A. report on Miss Kitt etc….




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