Calling all Foodies: The Most Delicious Blog You’ll Ever See.

In July 2008, Hearst Magazine’s Digital Media branch partnered with MSN to create, one of the internet’s top 10 food-related destinations. Today, Delish attracts visitors from a variety of digital platforms. These include accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (which has just under 32,000 followers)[1]. The website’s clever captioning, mouth-watering images, and intriguing tips make it dangerously easy to spend hours browsing through the delicious world of food.

The Burgerrito consists of many aesthetically-pleasing features to grab the attention of its audience. These may include gifs, pictures of food, bright headlines, and catchy subtitles (which often include puns or plays on words). Once you start navigating the website, chances are you will find yourself getting hungrier with each click. My latest find: a high-quality graphic of the culinary world’s newest fad, the Burgerrito. Who knew a burrito filled with typical hamburger fixings would be so appealing?

The website’s layout typically includes a cover story, as well as food-related news on a banner at the top of the page. Above this banner lies an image or a gif meant to attract the audience. Currently, a cycle of LED restaurant signs rotates through the space. A navigation pane on the left side of the screen can be used to find all types of articles. Some of these include: Meals and Cooking, Food News, Entertaining and Parties, Kitchen Secrets, and more. Near holidays, a tab with festive recipes and decoration tips can also be accessed through this navigation pane.

Per Alexa Demographics, mainly attracts college-educated females, who spend time searching the website during work. 78% of the visitors are from the United States, while some Canadians and British consumers are drawn to the site.[2] The target market of the company is “foodies”, or consumers who are interested in things such as new recipes, health tips, or news from the restaurant business. has been compared to and, both of which cater to a similar audience. One could also argue that the website targets younger consumers, as it often publishes articles with money-saving tips and easy recipes for those learning how to cook. As previously mentioned, the website’s aesthetically-pleasing layout is attractive to consumers. When showcasing food, a high-quality picture is extremely effective in channeling cravings, furthering the website’s impact on its audience.

giphy also caters to their target audience of young foodies through a large social media presence. In addition to the company’s website, Delish has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. This wide array of platforms increases exposure, thus generating more viewers of the content. On Facebook, one can often find 15-30 second videos showcasing quick and easy recipes. These videos, similarly to “Tasty” videos from Buzzfeed, play automatically, as opposed to requiring a click.  Consumers can also subscribe to a Delish newsletter by email through the website’s navigation pane.

As the lifestyle editor for Delish, Candace Braun Davidson makes consistent contributions to the website’s content. Davidson’s articles most often fall in the Food News category, but may also concern Restaurants and Chefs or Meals and Cooking. These articles tend to comment on fads in the food industry or include useful tips, helping to maintain a relevance amongst the target audience.  Some of the writer’s most recent pieces include “The Most Delicious Foods at Magic Kingdom” and “The IHOP Secret Menu Hack Everyone Should Know”. The Disney World article includes a graphic in front of Cinderella’s infamous castle, with a savory turkey leg in hand. Davidson also catches reader’s attention with puns in her sub-captions. In fact, she recently told foodies they would “flip for [the] trick” in her recent IHOP article.

Click here to learn how to score IHOP’s infamous “Cinnastack” any day of the year!


In addition to writing for, Candace Braun Davidson operates her personal, verified twitter account. With just under 650 followers and 950 tweets, the foodie shares cooking tips, food news, and commentary on other posts. Davidson loves to retweet accounts such as Starbucks and M&M’s, as well as Delish’s own content. As an editor for the website, the writer publishes more content than other members on the writing team. is any foodie’s go-to website for recipes, culinary news, and anything else food-related. If you aren’t hungry after reading this article, go check out the site. Chances are you will soon be craving something “delicious”!





Click the picture to get to, it’s a piece of cake!

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