The World at Your Fingertips

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 A glimpse of The Huffington Post’s knack for featuring big headlines – literally. 

Readers and Internet goers may know The Huffington Post as an aggregator of political news and opinion. It has racked up recognition from Webby Awards for Best Politics Blog in 2006-2007, has been named second among the 25 Best Blogs of 2009 by Time, and even won a Pulitzer Prize in 2012 for its national coverage of wounded veterans in Beyond the Battlefield. Before Ariana Huffington founded The Huffington Post in May 2009, her first step forward into the Internet space was with Resignation.com1, a platform for conservatives in favor of Bill Clinton’s resignation that enabled her interest in political activism to reach new heights.

ahuffingtonFrom establishing a digital haven for rallying conservatives to her eventual creation of The Huffington Post as readers know it today, Arianna has harnessed the sweet spot that lies at the intersection of politics, science, business, and artistic culture. Even though the political blog experienced past controversy regarding its exploitation of writers, a 2012 lawsuit against this case was dismissed on the proposition that the plaintiffs “never expected to be paid” and “repeatedly agreed to the bargain.” Nonetheless, although Arianna has since stepped down from the organization, with former New York Times Global editorial director, Lydia Polgreen, in the current role of editor-in-chief, The Huffington Post continues to leverage an increasingly diverse and connected generation.

The Huffington Post is structured around a simplistic interface: adorning bold typography, incorporating heavy usage of images and video, wearing sensationalistic titles on the daily, and enabling easy site navigation. The top of the landing page usually features a monumental headline with supplemental visuals to hook one’s attention, and three long columns of trending stories and topics consume the page’s latter half. Navigating the latest headlines  by quickly scanning the latitude and longitude of the trending section will feel like following a pinball in a pinball machine with one’s eyes, but one is bound to find an interesting read.

Not surprisingly, most readers of The Huffington Post originate from the U.S. However, due to its international platform, other readers stem from around the globe in Canada, U.K, and parts of Asia. On average, readers are more likely to be female and are usually college graduates or full-time working adults, which would naturally explain why The Huffington Post is typically viewed from various workplaces2.

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The political blog maintains an extensive social media presence through its footholds on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Podcast, and Snapchat. The multi-faceted Internet presence The Huffington Post exudes elevates its outreach to diverse audiences by providing different media formats and outlets for viewers to absorb the latest stories from. For example, a recently posted video on their Facebook page involves interviewing individuals on the street about a topic that seems to be currently at large – iPhone or healthcare? A perk of incorporating variety into their digital content, such as videos of interactive discussions, is that it considerably bridges the gap between journalism and the everyday citizen.

One of many regular contributors to marinaThe Huffington Post is Marina Fang. Based in the Washington, D.C. bureau, she is the blog’s associate politics editor and mainly covers breaking political news, national politics and policy, and occasionally centers her focus on the intersection between politics and pop culture. On Twitter, she is active in honing on police brutality, racism, women’s rights, abortion, as well as anything related to the shortcomings of political administrations. Whenever she channels political issues through artistic culture, she habitually alludes to prominent films whose themes orbit around political themes or comedy bits on SNL that poke fun at the political landscape.

Moreover, a noteworthy aspect of The Huffington Post is its publication of work by specialists on issues such as health, education, and the environment. In addition to leveraging the knowledge of experts, the blog also enables contributions from politicians and celebrities. For instance, in The Huffington Post (UK), the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, wrote a 622-word piece in February 2016, Let’s Make a Difference for an Entire Generation of Young Childrento address mental health challenges, and Emilia Clarke recently wrote a piece on gender equality in the The Huffington Post (US) called, The New Sexy.

Overall, The Huffington Post is for anyone who wants the latest news on the go and craves an aggregate space to roam diverse stories across the world at the touch of one’s fingertips.



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