BuzzFeed: Social Haven

Walk into a big college classroom and look around at the students’ computer screens, you are guaranteed to see that maybe half the class or more is taking quizzes on BuzzFeed or posting funny BuzzFeed articles to their friends Facebook wall. BuzzFeed is a social media haven for this generation. The webpage contains every kind of topic that would thrill or entertain someone. From things as silly as quizzes like “Can We Guess Your Age By What Foods You Hate?” to things as serious as influential articles and complicated politics. Side note, I prefer the funny part of BuzzFeed as do many of my other friends. BuzzFeed is relatable to my generation because we prefer to laugh and enjoy something we read rather than just be lectured about something.

BuzzFeed has over 30 categories to choose from. The basic presentation of the page is simple yet intriguing. It has the most popular and most recent posts on the home page. Some of the pictures and titles of articles can be a little too “out there” and by that I mean just borderline inappropriate and uncomfortable. Although it might be too much sometimes, I believe the absurdity of it is what drags people back to the website. For instance, I recently just sent a quiz to one of my group chat of guys and girls that love to watch The Bachelor and the quiz was “Are You More Of A Corinne, Rachel, Vanessa, Or Raven?” One of the questions was “Choose your Dream Job” and the options were pizza entrepreneur, chicken enthusiast, erectile dysfunction specialist and last but not least jumbotron operator. This is a perfect example of a typical BuzzFeed quiz. The fact that time is wasted with these quizzes just further reveals how pop culture has so much power over journalism. People enjoy laughing about something rather than being informed. Although I believe it is important for everyone to stay on top of everything going on in our country and how it affects one another, I still think it’s important to find the light in situations and just laugh about it.

To get a little more personal and up close, Ben Henry is a big contributor to BuzzFeed. He is a staff writer for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London. He has 668 posts from quizzes to articles. His Twitter page is called “broke but woke,” and he has over 6000 followers. And his Tweets have over 50 thousand likes. Most of his posts on BuzzFeed and on Twitter are definitely directed more towards pop culture humor and sexual topics. One of his quizzes is titled “Are you Having Sex Like Everybody Else?” and another is “Which “Friends” Character You Really Are”. Ben definitely is super involved and knows what he’s talking about. Although these topics aren’t necessarily relevant, it shows how much time and commitment Ben has to keeping a BuzzFeed reader constantly on their toes.

To conclude, BuzzFeed is a website you can escape to. Whether you’re in a boring class or just bored in bed, it won’t disappoint. The absurd entertainment it brings to its audience is the appeal. The BuzzFeed staff are filled with knowledge of things that range from pop culture to politics and their commitment to finding the humor in things is impressive and appreciated.

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