Are you a Sports Enthusiast? The Bleacher Report is for YOU.


The Bleacher Report is a San Francisco based sports website that reports the latest sports news, live scores, breaking updates and video highlights. It features various sports organizations such as, the NBA, NFL, MLB and more. It is currently owned by Turner Broadcasting, but was founded by

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 11.42.01 PM
Founders of the Bleacher Report

David Finocchio, David Nemetz, Bryan Goldberg and Alexander Freund in 2007 with their motto, “covering your teams better than anyone else.” This platform seeks to give sports consumers a one stop shop for all sport related content and news. It is a very well know and successful medium because not only does it display graphics and text, but it has a large social media base that is followed by millions.

The main components of this platform consist of digital graphics, video and articles. The medium aims to feature many elements of sports at professional and collegiate levels. Although the content of the Bleacher Report is only sports related it creates captivating stories for its consumers and keeps them up to date on the sports world and the most trending sports topics. The social media of the Bleacher Report keeps is what keeps its fans up to date. Their Twitter page has over 3 million followers, not including the number of people they can reach via retweets and shared content.


Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 5.24.22 PM

The Bleacher Report facilitates the process to find sports information for its users by creating tabs for each sport, linking tickets to StubHub for upcoming games and listing current and upcoming games for their viewers to use as a reference. They also list each time under their respective category, which makes it easier for a consumer to find information on their team. The website is very interconnected to other sites such as, the NBA and other team’s social media, which truly makes it a compelling experience for their audience, which are sports enthusiasts. I believe the interconnectivity of the website allows it to grab the audience attention because they can access it many ways. The Bleacher Report provides the ultimate sports experience and knowledge to its readers.

Howard Beck, Bleacher Report

Since the digital space is sports based the articles are centered around athletes and other key players in the sports industry. One notable contributor for the Bleacher Report is Howard Beck. He is a Senior NBA Writer at the Bleacher Report, works on long form stories and is in his 19th season of covering the NBA. He stories feature the NBA at large specifically covering the Knicks and Nets and he co-hosts NBA Sunday Tip on the Bleacher Report Radio. Most of his recent articles feature the Knicks and Nets, but he will engage in nontraditional material on other NBA teams such as the Oklahoma City Thunder. His most recent article “Last Fan Standing.” featured a dedicated 11-year-old OKC fan named Charlie Rico who still supports Kevin Durant despite his trade to the Golden State Warriors. Charlie explains how although other people burned Durant’s jerseys and called him a traitor he still sees him as a good guy and supports him and his initiative to help charity. He mentions how Durant truly cared about the Oklahoma City community and he demonstrated that by donating $57,000 last December to the homeless. Charlie knows that Durant will not be welcomed with open arms when the Warriors come to Oklahoma City, but will continue to yell, “Come on Kev!” just as he always has. This type of article is abnormal for Bleacher Report writers to cover because there is more reporting of news versus appealing emotion of the readers. In Beck’s articles, he tends to show a different style of writing compared to the other contributors. He exemplifies more versatility within his writing on the Bleacher Report and wants to engage all types of readers. This type of article can broaden the audience because of the emotional appeal it makes. This shows an example that although the Bleacher Report’s main purpose is to deliver sports related news it can tell stories and profile athletes in a way that goes beyond their athletic ability.




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