Mashable is a site with Everything for Everyone is a multi-media news and entertainment site that provides a wide variety of content ranging from popular culture to the latest in technology. With recent headlines such as “Facebook Stories?! Snapchat’s main feature is copied again“, “Wiki Leaks Says it Wants to Help Tech Companies Thwart CIA hacking”, and “Patient Shows Brain Activity 10 Minutes after Death”, Mashable shows itself to be a site that can perk their audience’s attention with an interesting headline and maintain their focus through diversity of content.

Content on Mashable is divided into distinct categories: Videos, Social Media, Tech, Business, Entertainment, World, Lifestyle, and Watercooler. Within each of these categories, articles are organized and displayed under the headings “What’s Hot”, “What’s New”, and “What’s Rising”. Using this method, the newest and most popular are displayed most prominently at the top of the page, ensuring that readers are constantly captivated with fresh content.

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A particularly interesting category on Mashable, is Social Media. Articles in the Social Media category feature popular social media posts from famous people as well as compilation of funny or interesting posts about a certain topic. This shows how Mashable has made various social media platforms into a viable news source. Furthermore, Mashable maintains a close relationship with social media by using the number of “shares” an article or video has as a method of organizing and advertising them. Just below the title of each piece of content, there are two prominent buttons, prompting viewers to share the work on Facebook or Twitter. The number of shares each article or video has received is displayed with near equal importance to the headline. This creates an atmosphere where how popular an article is becomes an important determining factor in whether or not the audience will read it.

With its flawless incorporation of social media into its content and organization format, Mashable is unquestionably geared towards a younger, technologically savvy audience. Many contributors on the site are young as well, leading to articles that adhere to topics the younger generation are talking about: pop culture stars, life hacks and pictures of animals with pancakes. However, what distinguishes Mashable from any other pop culture heavy site for millennials is its variety. Mashable sports a wide range of topics. With content categories such as “World”, “Tech”, and “Business”, Mashable features articles that older, and perhaps more educated, people might be interested in as well. Mashable’s format allowed for its audience to endlessly bounce around from topic to topic within the website, ensuring that there is something on their site for everyone.

A regular contributor on Mashable is Rachel Thompson, Mashable’s UK Lifestyle Correspondent. Thompson primarily posts articles about social media, British and American pop culture icons, and more general articles about food, current events and life hacks. Most contributors on Mashable, post primarily in a specific category. Thompson’s

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category of expertise is “Lifestyle”. This means that she doesn’t often get into more serious topics such as politics, unless it’s in reference to a popular culture phenomenon. For example, Thompson posted an article titled “Thousands of French People was Barack Obama to be their next president”, which was a quick read about a spoof in France where 40,000 people signed a petition for Obama to be the next French President. Other article headlines Thompson produced include “Emma Watson is being called a ’hypocrite’ because of this braless photo” and “These are the online dating emoji your love life desperately needs”.

Overall, is a site that features an interesting combination of topics utilizes several forms of digital medium. It flawlessly incorporates Social Media into its operations and lets audience interest dictate which articles are featured. Mashable is a modern news site built for next generation news and entertainment.


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