Spot its Game: A look at GameSpot

Gamespot logoThe digital platform GameSpot is an online website dedicated to news, reviews, previews and trailers of up and coming games and gaming tech. All gaming devices such as the PS4, Xbox One, the Wii and PC (to name but a few) and information regarding what kinds of games they take can be found there, in addition to game teasers and discussion boards. Much of the content found on the website primarily revolves around game reviews and providing information on upcoming release dates for future games. This causes the platform to be an influential entity in persuading viewers in whether or not a game or tech is worth the buy, and if it is, the pros and cons involved with it.

The platform is probably so successful because it creates an environment where games of all preferred devices can come together to discuss and learn more about the games they love. With its popularity, GameSpot also allows gaming companies to better reach their public with news and updates and as a result provide consumer feedback about their products, which would create a beneficial relationship as a middle party between consumer and producer. Advertisements about gaming essentials also make an appearance on the gaming news platform, which increases both traffic and revenue for the website.

mass effect
gameplay from the upcoming game Mass Effect: Andromed

The home page opens up with articles on three of the gaming community’s most anticipated games, with #1 holding the most following. At the moment it’s a review of the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda’s cooperative multiplayer component. Since Mass Effect: Andromeda is highly anticipated, the review gets a larger block of space that easily takes up half of the top-half of the page and is the very first thing you see as a result, because that’s what most people want to hear about. Beside it in a vertical column or two articles that review two highly popular games (which at this moment is Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Kong: Skull Island). Both articles are in a smaller pane than the first article, but they’re still large enough to be seen after the initial look the viewer gets of Mass Effect. Once the viewer scrolls down, they’re greeted with two clean and organized lists. On the right is the day’s most overall anticipated games, ranked from first to last, and on a larger list on the left is the day’s current articles, separated by popular or recent so the viewer can decide which list they’d prefer to view. It’s a very clean experience that makes navigating all the easier, resulting in more traffic.GameSpot is essentially set up to make navigation simple and easy. On its homepage, gaming devices are set apart and listed to make finding games for each one easier to locate. Beside the list is another list of what the site has to offer, such as the GameSpot forums and reviews, resulting in a simple navigation experience. This is especially helpful if you’re simply looking for articles about the games themselves. The setup makes navigation ridiculously easy and highly organized, which is ideal for a high traffic website such as this.

Peter Brown, commonly known as Doc-Brown on GameSpot

Some of the most common articles on the website are game reviews. Although they each vary in direction, most of the reviews are reasons on why one should or shouldn’t buy a game or tech, with general commentary on what’s actually part of the product itself. One in particular is a positive review of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, written by Peter Brown. Brown is a Senior Editor at GameSpot and has been a part of the site since 2011, making him an established and reliable source for input. He’s a regular contributor to the site and has been nearly everywhere in the forums and reviews discussing gaming hardware and game preservation, and has become a well-known commentator as a result.

GameSpot is a well-known digital platform that provides in-depth review and discussion over upcoming games and hardware for the gaming community. It’s a middle party that gives viewers the ability to see games and tech that grab their interest and give the product recognition as a result. Because of this, GameSpot is an influential platform key in persuading people to check out what’s new on the gaming front.





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