World News with a Twist

The_Huffington_Post_logo.svgis a politically liberal online newspaper that reports daily on news, politics, fashion, art, and entertainment. This born digital media platform hosts more than eighty-one million unique visitors each month and remains the most engaged publisher on social media. Huffington Post was founded by Arianna Huffington in 2005, and in 2011 AOL purchased the publication platform for over $300 million, spiking an uproar from the Post’s unpaid bloggers.

The Huffington Post functions like a newspaper, featuring a front page and fifty-six different sections, including healthy living, business, sports, good news, and science. The home page of the website serves as its front page, with today’s headlines in giant black letters reading BITING THE HANDS THAT ELECTED HIM and a single photo of Donald Trump. This is typical of the content posted on the online newspaper, which has a leftist
bias. The headline and photo are accompanied by tabs at the top of the page leading to other sections of the online newspaper so the front page story gets as much attention as it would in print. If you scroll down the home page, an abundance of new stories from each section appear, and you can easily see what new articles are on the website.2016-03-06-1457280328-8585926-listenliberalimage

The Post has localized and international editions. Local editions include Huff Post Chicago, Huff Post New York, Huff Post Denver, and Huff Post Los Angeles. In the top right corner of the website, you can click on the globe and a drop down menu of international editions appears. Huff Post has Arabic, Australian, Brasilian, Canadian, Dutch, Spanish, French, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Koran, Mexican, South African, and UK editions, among others.

The Post aims to grab reader’s attention with their global perspective on journalism. This wealth of international news and information led to The WorldPost, a partnership between The Huffington Post and the Berggruen Institute, which publishes international news and writers from all over the world on a single platform. It features bloggers from every continent writing on world hunger, global health, interconnecting global economies, technology of the future, and many other topics that relate citizens around the world.

The Huffington Post is the most engaged publisher on social media. According to, in June 2016 alone Huff Post was shared, liked, and commented on over 20 million times on Facebook. It continues to be one of the most popular digital publication aug-25-2013-huffingtonpost-is-set-to-ban-anonymous-comments-i-guess-sexxxygingernotconanobrien-will-have-to-move-on-to-gplatforms with 81 million unique visitors worldwide per month. Icons linking to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and email reside at the top right corner of the website, making articles easily sharable to social media. The Post’s audience is very active on social media, evident in the 1 million+ comments made on the site each month. In the last year, the Huff Post has changed its comment policy, allowing only select comments presence on the
website. All comments are linked to each person’s Facebook profile and show up on their Facebook NewsFeed. A new feature of the website allows viewers to follow and become a fan of commenters they like, making sharing and connecting through Huff Post articles even easier.

The Huffington Post has over fifteen thousand writers that have contributed at least once. The Post does not pay its contributors, which has been a constant point of controversy. The policy is to exchange writing for publication and millions of people viewing the content.writing-1

One contributor that caught my eye is Priscilla Frank, honestly because she has a great name. Priscilla writes for the arts section of The Huffington Post. Recently she has written about feminist illustrators, what 1970s counterculture can teach about resistance today, and new counterterrorism posters appearing in New York subways. Her articles go with the theme of the rest of the online newspapers with liberal overtones and attention-grabbing headlines.


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