Bleacher Report caters to sports fans across the world


Bleacher Report is a digital hub for sports content. Sports fans say what they want to see and read, and Bleacher Report’s video and editorial teams curate and produce content to satisfy their consumers. Bleacher Report is one of the fastest-evolving digital platforms in the country since being founded by David Finocchio, Alexander Freund, Bryan Goldberg and David Nemetz in 2007. The digital hub started with only curated content, but has quickly evolved into a hot spot for original and opinion-based content surrounding, baseball, basketball, football and all other sports. Bleacher Report caters to anyone who loves sports. If you want to catch a highlight of a game or see what professionals are saying about your favorite athletes, Bleacher Report is the place for you.

Bleacher Report’s dynamic, yet simple online layout makes it simple for fans to navigate and find the specific content they’re looking for. Scores stretch across the top of the domain, while hot topics and breaking news consumer the middle center of the domain. When the company first started producing original content, it received criticism that its “blog-style” posts were not always credible. Since being bought by Turner Sports in 2012, the company has gained significant credibility and has blossomed into a reliable source of sports news. Hundreds of contributors publish their work on Bleacher Report, from columnists who write opinion-based pieces to journalists who write breaking-news stories and full-length features.

Brandon Sneed is a regular contributor to Bleacher Report. He writes about many sports, ranging from basketball to boxing. Sneed is an established columnist who has been published in ESPN The Magazine, Outside and more. In a recent article for Bleacher Report, Sneed wrote about Golden State Warriors’ guard Steph Curry. Sneed detailed Curry’s training process and the mental aspect of competing in the NBA. Sneed is a very descriptive writer, which makes his feature stories and columns very popular on the website. In his article, “Steph Curry’s secrets to success: Brain training, float tanks and strobe goggles,” Sneed used an engaging lead to kick off the story.

“Steph Curry dribbles a basketball with one hand and with his other tosses a tennis ball back and forth with his trainer. This is just one in a long series of his typical, elaborate dribbling drills—only he’s also wearing some sort of goggles, the lenses of which seem to be flashing black. Curry uses them through all kinds of different drills; they’re a favorite tool for his trainer, Brandon Payne, who says that the goggles are one of the biggest reasons why Curry smashed the three-point record and became the first unanimous league MVP in history.”

Bleacher Report has focused on social media to expand its brand. As the digital world continues to evolve each and every day, Bleacher Report does a great job of staying up to speed. Bleacher Report’s original GIFs, short videos and photo assets add a unique touch to sports reporting on social media. The videos are always creative and often add humor to sports news and events. Bleacher Report’s social media covers live games, shows highlights after the fact and reports on breaking news across the sports industry. Bleacher Report’s main Twitter account has 3.8 million followers.


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