Delish: Food Please!

Delish is an online digital platform used to give insights on everything one would need to know about food. Whether it’s great new recipes to cook at home, new discoveries in the food world, or “food hacks” for cheap and easy meals, you can find it here. This is the perfect hub for food enthusiasts and people looking for new recipes to try.

The website immediately intrigues the audience by decorating the website with large pictures of food filling the page paired with attention-grabbing headlines. Upon opening the website, the viewer’s attention is immediately captured by the wide variety of food pictured, each paired with a unique recipe or story on the dish. The website is divided into 5 primary categories: Easy Dinners, Desserts, St. Patricks Day Food, Videos and Healthy Ideas. In addition to that, there is another drop down menu with more subcategory options including Kitchen Secrets, Food News and links to their social media. Delish was launched by Hearst Magazines, who also owns other websites such as Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and Seventeen. The main audience for Delish, along with other Hearst Magazine platforms, would primarily include young women between ages 18-49, but their articles and videos can also attract a young male audience (According to The overall social media strategy of Delish includes pictures, intriguing headlines, and heavy use of Facebook videos. Delish posts new articles daily and quick videos of easy-to-make recipes on their Facebook page allowing sharing and commenting by their audience.


The articles that are regularly published vary by author, but always have to do with food and cooking. After looking into a few of the authors, they are young/middle aged women who are very enthusiastic about food and sharing unique recipes. One regular publisher, Rheanna O’Neil Bellomo, publishes about tips and tricks when shopping for food and

Rheanna O’Neil Bellomo

eating out. Bellomo publishes once, sometimes twice, a day with new updates in the food world or new advice that she has. Some recent articles include “6 Foods at 7-Eleven to Avoid at All Costs,” “The 12 Dirtiest Items In the Produce Section,” and “5 Foods You Didn’t Know Expired“. Her headlines often include numbers that preview the topic of the article, which is very effective in capturing the attention of someone scrolling through a website looking for something to read. One way that she differs from other contributors on Delish is that she writes advice for her readers, whereas a majority of the articles by other authors are recipes and things to cook. After looking more into Bellomo’s twitter and Instagram, it is clear that she uses social media to interact with her followers and keep her fans updated on her day to day life. She is a young female writer, also involved in video producing, and is very open about her political views and opinions on her social media platforms.

Overall, Delish is a perfect platform for anyone who wants to expand their recipe book, learn some interesting facts about food, or read about news in the food world. Spending too much time on this website can leave you hungry and ready to cook some new meals!




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