Highsnobiety: A Trendy Cultural Trend Analyzer

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 12.59.00 AMHighsnobiety is a fashion and lifestyle publication striving to predict forthcoming fashion and art trends with an emphasis on innovation and progressive style. The online blog uses colorful pictures, engaging titles, and quality content to grab the audience’s attention and keep readers engaged and wanting to return to the site. Highsnobiety leverages its brand by having a strong social media presence, constantly posting on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and occasionally making an appearance on Snapchat. Additionally, Highsnobiety CEO and Publisher David Fischer keeps readers hooked by having a majority of his articles endorse celebrities and by having a popular culture focus, effectively appealing to his demographic of streetwear and counterculture enthusiasts.

Highsnobiety caters to its readers by offering a number of visual stimuli to complement the paragraphs of information it provides regarding art and lifestyle. Every article on the blog starts with a large high definition picture at the top followed by the title, continuing with text of information of the lifestyle trend.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 1.03.17 AM.png
The Notorious B.I.G., in one of Highsnobiety’s many high definition pictures at the beginnings of articles.

Further high clarity pictures are scattered throughout the article to complement the text, including streetwear and sneakers, art pieces, and runway show reveals. The high quality pictures are met with intricate analyses of modern trends in art and culture; the content of the blog features trends and pieces that aren’t yet on the market to push the boundaries of contemporary fashion, thereby bolstering the platforms of innovation and progressive fashion that Highsnobiety is built on.

Highsnobiety gears its content towards late teens and individuals in their early twenties, a demographic that heavily uses social media, leading the brand to have a large presence on all major online media platforms. Highsnobiety posts an Instagram picture for every article it produces with the article’s URL as the caption to increase traffic to its blog. It follows the Instagram pictures with tweets of article links, Facebook updates, and Snapchat sessions with celebrity figures. This builds upon the blog’s success by incorporating the best advertising platforms to increase visits to the blog and helps make the brand’s name more well-known.

A majority of the articles featuring celebrities and other prominent names in popular culture are written by Highsnobiety CEO David Fischer, who focuses on men’s street fashion and celebrity news. Fischer’s article titles seem to boast many celebrity names, including Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake, and Drake. Examples of these titles include “Drake Received a $100K Gold and Diamond Chain From Ben Baller” and “Kim Kardashian is Giving Fans Free Adidas YEEZY 350 Boost Sneakers on Twitter”. Each title boasts a familiar name that is bound to draw attention coupled with a fashion trend update, a formula that Fischer seems to apply consistently out of the 50 or more articles written by him that I browsed. Fischer also employs social media in many of his articles, posting screenshots of tweets and Snapchats from the celebrities endorsing apparel and art. Employing these tactics helps Fischer to write articles that consistently draw attention and keep the young streetwear demographic hooked on his content.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 1.00.23 AM.png

Highsnobiety, since its inception in 2015, has endeavored to produce quality art and lifestyle content for its readers while continually pushing the boundaries of fashion and style trends, tenets that the publication founded itself on. By applying colorful and engaging articles, a strong social media presence, and having a CEO that increases traffic by using pop culture names and trends in his titles, Highsnobiety has been able to strengthen its brand name and build upon its purpose: to deliver thorough analyses of current art, music, and fashion trends and predict forthcoming ones with precision and objectivity.


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