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     Polygon is a gaming news website founded in 2012 and is part of the Vox Media Group, which includes SBNation, Vox, The Verge, Eater, Racked, Curbed, and Recode. Polygon covers gaming through reviews, interviews with developers and general information the general public would not know. Polygon describes its mission as “to cover not only games but the artists who make them, the fans that love them and the culture surrounding them. It’s built to deliver fast, comprehensive news, in-depth feature stories and reviews that bridge the gap between criticism and buying advice.” In short, Polygon sets out to cover games, their creators, and its culture.

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When you arrive on Polygon’s website at the top you see six news stories links, each
with an image and a headline with pink overtone on all the images, which is the main color theme of the website. Under that you have the Polygon logo and links to the different sections: news, reviews, features, videos, forums, opinions, platform, and more. The page then goes on a continuous scroll in which more stories will pop up before you hit the end.
The website regularly publishes articles on gaming culture and industry news, ranging from a funny moment at a fighting game tournament, to their cover story on what people from the game developing industry think of the Nintendo Switch. Their audience is mostly gamers and they grab their attention by providing reviews on games they might want to buy, secrets and guides in games they are playing, and news on upcoming games. Polygon’s social media strategy is lacking, the only account easy to find is their twitter and it just tweets out their articles.
Owen Good

    Owen S. Good is Polygon’s senior reporter for the weekends. He engages the audience by writing tips about popular games the audience is playing right now, how video game industry leaders branch out in other industries, and how a film’s special effects were created by a video game peripheral. Owen Good’s twitter is not effective in pushing the platform because it is protected, however this could be due to the massive amount of backlash gaming journalists can receive on social media. His headlines are pretty simple, it’s a small amount of info that will be expanded on in the article. Unlike click bait articles Good explicitly tells you the answer to the question of the article, but in general terms such as, “EA executive Peter Moore becomes CEO of Liverpool FC”, rather than piquing your interest with a “You’ll never guess…” headline.

Polygon is successful in creating a informative website for gaming culture. Their articles are well written, well sourced, as well as hitting their niche audience very well. However their social media presence is lacking and costs them many viewers due to having writers who don’t promote their articles since they are private, or their main account simply copy pasting articles with little interaction. Although the material is well done, the distribution to readers is lacking.



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