Bleacher Report

    My platform, as you can tell from the title, is bleacher report. Bleacher Report is a website that prioritizes in the sports world via twitter and their actual website. The site gives you a look at the most recent headlines in the sports world so you can keep your knowledge up to date. What makes this site so successful is that it is extremely credible. Plus many people love sports today and the common interest between the audience and the creators are strongly visible.

The basic parts of bleacher reports are its headlines. When you log on to the website the homepage will be the latest headlines in all sports. However, at the top of the screen, there are different tabs that you can select in order for you to search a particular sport or headline. In fact, you can even buy tickets off the website. These basic parts make searching for what you are looking for easy and fast.

Common articles that you will find are obviously sports related. The more articles that you will find are also related to what season you are in during your search time. For instance, right now the major headlines are in basketball, college and pro. You can still find other sports news but since they are not in season, not a lot is going on in other sports. For example, if you really want to find a quick article on basketball and your favorite team is Duke, bleacher report has you covered. That is where Scott Polacek comes into play. Scott is an annual contributor to Bleacher Report. He is a part of their “Breaking News Team.” He graduated from Ohio State University with a master and bachelor degree. He has written for Bleacher Report for a couple of years now and he has many accolades to show for it such as Duke’s #1 writer in January, 2014 and so forth. He actually has his own page on Bleacher Report’s website that you can go and see articles he has written and learn a little bit more about him.

bleacher report
Bleacher Report’s logo being role played.

To conclude, Bleacher Report is a very useful and successful site. It is similar to Sportscenter just not at the same magnitude. However, with credibility and hard work, Bleacher Report is a wonderful website that gives you a lot of information and exactly what the readers want to see. This is a sports fan’s dream website and you will not be disappointed in reading articles from Bleacher Report.


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