Twitter Freaks Out About People Being Single

Today on Twitter, singles have been flocking together with the hashtag #BeingSingleMeans to share the benefits and problems of being single. While some Twitter users have complained about their loneliness, a vast majority of them have been celebrating their independence and freedoms outside of a relationship. With romance movies and memes about relationships, including “Netflix and Chill,” it is understandable why these lonely singles would want to feel important in their own right. Some of the common positive tweets include gifs, images of all the food they get to eat by themselves, and generally enjoying the idea of not having to share. The amount of retweets and favorites that the more positive tweets receive reveal that many young people do not mind being alone, and are just trying to find the positive side of singleness by taking to social media to voice their emotions.

Group members: Ciera Harris, Michael Lam, Kelsey Gaertner


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