Imran Rizvi at UT: A Retrospective of Time Well-Spent.

Figure 1: Imran was apprehensive of attending UT Austin before his freshman year.

Imran Rizvi has been an individual that has gone through an evolution from high school to college, associated with very different adjectives in the two different phases of his life. The summer before coming to UT, he was apprehensive about attending the university, stuck with a belief that a smaller college would allow him to interact with people more, immerse more in the school culture, and reap larger benefits from the school; benefits that a large university like UT Austin could not provide. After spending three years at the University of Texas, Imran’s fears were quelled as he experienced increased confidence, high campus involvement, and continuous social progression, showing that he’s grown much as a person on the forty acres and continues to improve every day.

Imran’s journey on the forty acres began at Jester Dormitory, the largest dormitory at the time in which it was built, where he made his first friends and acclimated to life on campus. Although it was a cramped area and he was homesick often, he became used to the independence that college brings in the dorms. He began ambitiously joining many pre-medical organizations during his time here to increase his involvement on campus.

Imran became increasingly involved in fitness and working out during his freshman year of college, spending 5+ days a week in the weight room. Here he met many friends and workout buddies, pumped iron, played basketball, and burned off the freshman 15 that was trying to add to his body. The gym helped to alieve the stress of college life and studying that was constantly nagging at him 24/7, and he soon found it to be his sanctuary.

Imran spent a large majority of his academic time freshman year studying at Welch Hall, where many of his classes and organizational meetings were held. Although Welch’s dreary halls and dilapidated walls ruined his mood many times, he came to know and love the building for all that it meant to him: becoming involved in organizations on campus, having late night study sessions, and staying on top of schoolwork. His freshman year was characterized by ambitiously staying on top of his grades yet also being involved on campus.

Figure 11: A snapshot of Imran’s West Campus apartment during his sophomore year.

Imran’s sophomore year was met with more responsibility, as he moved to West Campus into an apartment. He had to learn how to search for apartments, pay rent and utilities, and how to cook for the first time. He had a larger room that he shared with roommates, which forced him to become more relatable and understanding.

During his sophomore year, Imran continue being involved on campus by gaining officer positions in his organizations, thereby taking on a higher leadership role, but also began to enjoy himself more as he spent more time with friends socializing and having a good time. This taught him to not only remain focused, but to enjoy his time on campus.

Sophomore year is also when Imran became involved with volunteering, spending large portions of his time at Dell Children’s Hospital and Hope Clinic sorting pills for refugees. He not only was involved on campus, but was involved in community service around Austin through organizations like FunWithChemistry science outreach.

Junior year was characterized by continuing his pre-medical focus while also becoming increasingly involved in fashion and apparel, which became his passion and creative outlet outside of health and medicine. Imran took a few classes in the Textiles and Apparel major and joined University Fashion Group, which exposed him to local Austin fashion designers and labels and encouraged him to open up his own fashion line one day.

Imran’s confidence steadily increased as he began to care less of what people thought and did what made him happy, demonstrated by walking in the 2017 UT Synthesis Fashion Show. He met many interesting and talented models and backstage producers at the show while also adding to his portfolio. He continued to develop as a person by increasing his passions outside of his career path.

Figure 24: UT is largely responsible for making Imran the individual he is today. Hook ’em!

Imran, during his time on the forty acres, demonstrated tangible increases in confidence, campus involvement, and involvement in social life, disproving the ideas that he was apprehensive about before attending UT Austin. He has grown into a better and more mature individual and continues to grow, striving to improve himself every day. Although he does not know what senior year and beyond will hold for him, he is excited and will move forward with his head held high.


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